It is completely surprising that, during this time of economic crisis and deficit spending, the legislature has not come together and called for an independent audit of the Operating Budget. An Independent audit would take approximately 6 months to obtain the information to make mature financial decisions going forward.

An independent audit should address:


* Mission Critical components

* Restructuring

* Realigning

* Redefining

* Eliminating


Here at United for Liberty and Alaska Policy forum we do the best job possible for the citizens of Alaska, but we are pragmatic enough to know that only a thorough forensic examination of the budget will reveal the true nature of the BEAST. An independent audit would be well worth the investment.


It is far better to pay for a service of this nature than to be strapped with a reduction in the PFD and a host of tax schemes which may be brewed up by an administration, the legislature and select special interests when their sole mission is to protect the current inefficient and bloated government we currently have.